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Big Bend National Park got its name because a large portion of the Chihuahuan Desert and the Rio Grande River are looping to the south and  form a "Big Bend" in the border between Mexico and Texas. - Big Bend National Park has an amazing variety of plants and animals. Some of the animals that live in Big Bend include; mountain lions,  jackrabbits, kangaroo rats, roadrunners, golden eagles, coyotes, black bears and many more. - The diversity of life in Big Bend National Park is amazing and has to do with the changes in elevation, ranging from a dry and hot desert to cool mountains to a fertile river valley. The climate in Big Bend National Park may be considered extreme. The dry and hot   summer days often exceed 100 °F. Winters are normally mild,  but sub-freezing temperatures can sometimes occur in Big Bend.

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There are many fun things you can do and see in Big Bend National Park. If you start strolling down our website you will find helpful information about lodging, camping, hiking, riding and rafting in and around Big Bend National Park.



Chisos Mountains Lodge

Big Bend National Park, Basin Rural Station -

Big Bend National Park, Texas 79834

Reservations: 432-477-2291 


Ten Bits Ranch

6000 North County Rd. Terlingua, Texas 79852

(866) 371-3110


Lajitas The Ultimate Hideout

100 Main Street  Lajitas, Texas

(800) 745-8883


Oak Tree Inn   

2407 East Highway 90, Alpine, Texas



There are three campgrounds and one RV Park in Big Bend National Park and they are:

Chisos Basin / Campground

Cottonwood / Campground

Rio Grande Village / Campground

Rio Grande Village RV Park

The  campgrounds are open year round. Campsite occupancy is limited to eight people and two vehicles, or one RV plus one vehicle.


Hiking trails

These are just a few of many hiking trails in Big Bend:

The Blue Creek Trail / Hiking - 11 miles   

Burro Spring Trail / Hiking - 2.2 miles 

Chihuahuan Desert Nature Trail / Hiking - 0.5 miles  

Devil ’s Den Trail / Hiking - 5.5 miles 

Elephant Tusk Trail / Hiking - 16 miles

Hot Springs Canyon Rim trail / Hiking - 6 miles


Horseback riding

Lajitas Stables

PO Box 6, Terlingua , TX 79852




Big Bend River Tours

P.O. Box 317, Terlingua, TX 79852


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